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Yellow Zebra Safaris is a safari tour operator that organises tailor-made trips in Africa and the Indian Ocean. Since forming in 2012, they have won “Europe’s Leading Safari Tour Operator” at the World Travel Awards in 2015 and 2016.

Standing out from the herd.

Travel and holiday providers tend to feature too much on their web pages. Leading to poor fluency and information processing - a poor site experience for visitors. From the beginning of this project, simplicity was the destination. We wanted to create an elegant safari website that produced results.

Preliminary wireframes positioned content in a simple and consistent manner. To consolidate as much as possible into short user journeys. But given the content provided, and required, this presented a challenge.

Lazy loading.

High-quality imagery will always increase load times. The nature of this site, however, required such imagery to sell the safari holidays. So we developed a lazy load system that delays the loading of images. Images outside of view don’t load until the user scrolls to them. Only loading an object that’s needed based on what the user is looking at, the page keeps loading times steady. Minor functionality as such is prevalent throughout the new site.

Nested grids.

We were keen on giving Yellow Zebra Safaris lots of flexibility when constructing pages. A nested content feature makes this possible, without compromising on consistency. Modules that provide content styles such as carousels, body text, quotes, videos and images can be customised into a fixed grid in any order. This grid feature provides freedom and confidence that published pages adhere to a fixed theme. Powered by Umbraco, content creation is quick and easy.

Balancing design with search engine visibility.

Search engines naturally favour pages of text. But large amounts of text weigh down pages – too much slows the visitor’s progress to the point where dropping off the page becomes more likely. However, we couldn’t afford to lose the organic traffic current pages were generating. Catering for usability, we presented text-heavy pages via snippets. Smaller versions of teaser text would identify those looking for this specific long-form content, allowing them to click-through and access this content in more detail on other pages. The same landing pages accessed by organic search visitors.

For those looking for inspiration… presents its information in multiple ways to generate more interest. The “When To Go” section gives users ideas on safari locations based on the time of year they wish to travel. The “For You” feature also presents suggestions based on holiday types. Similarly, the “Special Interests” section lets visitors browse safari holidays based on activity preferences.

This associated content, supported with rich photography, is how we’re able to keep users engaged on the site. Tailoring journeys for those users who are in various stages on the buyer’s cycle. Pageviews are up 59%. Session duration is also up 57% from two minutes to over four minutes, with the bounce rate decreased by 27%.

The site also allows the creation of a personalised brochure for users to take away. Delivered in the form of an automated URL, it contains sample itineraries, places to stay and things to do for the family. Parting with the time and costs associated with sending out physical quotes and brochures – which are rarely personalised.

Creating a dream African safari.

It’s challenging to create something that stands out in a busy marketplace of safari providers that offer similar holidays with similar content. But the Yellow Zebra Safaris site differs from many within the market. Balancing its reputable brand with a newly found sophistication. Integrations with Trustpilot provides customer reviews that give Yellow Zebra Safaris real credibility. Providing that trustworthiness needed for a holiday of this kind.

The new designs are simple and responsive, yet there are still lots of features present on pages. Directing users to safari features and packages via many avenues. All to open up this safari offering to a wider audience and setting the scene for a dream safari holiday. The conversion rate for brochure requests is up by 238%, with enquiries up 22% and qualified safari opportunities up 24%. The site was shortlisted for a 2017 Drum Network Award in the Content Marketing Campaign and Leisure & Tourism Campaign categories.

We are delighted with our new website, it not only looks great but is already showing encouraging results.

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