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Wales Council for Voluntary Action (WCVA) are responsible for supporting and leading volunteering in the third sector across Wales. They provide services to frontline charities, community groups, voluntary organisations and social enterprises.

An ongoing partnership.

We’ve teamed up with WCVA for the past thirteen years and have completed over twenty projects during this period. This most recent project is for their main website. WCVA’s old site was running on obsolete technology, with parts over ten years old. It was bloated with over 100,000 entities of data from their CRM. Therefore, it was slow, expensive to run, and in desperate need of an update.

Our brief was to bring all this content together into one modern and useful site which made key information much easier to find. It also had to express WCVA’s authority as an organisation and communicate the sheer breadth of services they provide.

Bringing a site back up to speed.

WCVA needed a new CMS as their old one was no longer suitable. But it had to be compatible with technologies still used on their other sites. It also had to be friendly to their budget. Umbraco, which is an open-source and flexible option, would be the most appropriate solution in this respect.

One of the biggest problems with WCVA’s old website was the extremely difficult to find anything on it. With so much data, and so little useful metadata attached to it, searches struggled to find relevant information. The vast majority of visitors are looking for something specific – a job, a volunteering opportunity, a training course, a grant etc. – rather than generally browsing what the site has to offer. Fixing this was the main priority.

Sorting and presenting CRM data.

A big part of the solution was creating an API to pull CRM data - 125,000 contact records, 20,000 voluntary organisations, and more – from training events to user profiles, for use on the website. Centralising their data management in the process. Making it much quicker and more efficient to add new information.

As well as pulling data out, we also made it easy to put data in. All contact enquiries from the website are automatically logged so they can be allocated and replied to. This process of integrating the site with their current and complex CRM system is what made this project a big success.

Pushing Umbraco in multiple languages.

We also did some innovative things with Umbraco for WCVA. The biggest involved customising for bilingual editing, as most of the site needed to be available in both English and Welsh. Normally Umbraco doesn’t cater for multiple languages and each one would need to have its own separate content tree. We custom-built it to allow multilingual content to be edited side-by-side, creating a much neater file structure.

The finished product is a modern website with a contemporary design making WCVA stand out in the voluntary sector. But also makes it easier for users to find the information they need about volunteering in Wales. WCVA now have a very different online workflow, which has increased their data portability and efficiency across the organisation.

Our website has been designed to fully integrate with our internal CRM. Sequence fully understood the product brief and delivered the solution within budget.

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