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VisitBritain is the official tourist board for Great Britain. They’re responsible for building England’s tourism product, raising Britain’s overseas profile and developing England and Britain’s visitor economy.

A new showroom for Britain.

The VisitBritain Shop is a website packed with information, attractions, and directions. It also acts as a portal for selling a range of products specific to Britain from vendors across the globe.

With websites covering fifty-eight different countries, VisitBritain asked us to design and build new websites for all their shops. They wanted to encourage more people to engage with Britain as a country. The shops needed updating for a modern audience who would gain access through various devices. Therefore, the introduction of a powerful CMS was essential for freedom to edit and update content. Content that so many people rely on when visiting Britain.

The latest and greatest in digital tourism.

VisitBritain needed a simple, yet complex e-commerce site that took full advantage of the technologies available. It needed to do so to expand its service - to stay ahead of other countries also competing to attract more tourists. So we rebuilt the sites with a focus on responsiveness, navigation and customer-focused content. All VisitBritain Shop sites are designed with this simplicity in mind, despite their intricate nature.

We pushed the boundaries of Sitecore for e-commerce here using InsiteCommerce. It would allow VisitBritain to get more out of their websites when it comes to content. Giving them the freedom to create future digital shops as they expand into new geographic regions.

Apps within an app.

We integrated Insite with Sitecore to serve fifteen shops in seven languages and ten currencies. Custom extensions to the Insite console support key business processes. Order viewers and refund applications are just some of these processes that complete VisitBritain Shops’ offering.

Sitecore Ecommerce Services is the driver that allows the withdrawal of content and commerce information from each shop. This is content managed via the advanced features of Sitecore’s Page Editor. Running off a single code base means a newly created or updated product is pushed out to all VisitBritain Shops with ease.

We also built a number of apps within the main website, but as a separate site. Apps that integrate to complete the buying process, for example. So everything from fulfilment, booking and time management had to be accounted for. An e-commerce website runs in tandem with an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that handles all such online business activity. Which for this project, was built from scratch.

Customer-centric approach.

Britain now boasts a clean and informative website; one accessible from anywhere on any device. With a focus on a digital experience that brings together an optimised design with a powerful ERP. An experience that never overpowers the products and services offered within the VisitBritain Shops.

Complicated processes are scaled down to make sure visitors aren’t confused at any point. Be it with the e-vouchers or barcode generators, customers can always complete three types of product fulfilments. Those fulfilments all revolve around physical, download and ticketing factors. The redesign transforms the website into a central CMS that hosts some complex ‘beneath the hood’ features.

Extending a positive experience with a country, long before entering the country.

Today, the VisitBritain Shops are the go-to destination for anyone seeking a trip to Britain. Allowing users to access travel and transport information, for example, before or during their visit. With multi-lingual shops using multi-currencies, this is the case for visitors from countries around the world. Making them feel welcome here from the first interaction. The 62% increase in conversions for mobile users and 26% increase for desktop users confirm this.

Customers can always navigate with confidence knowing that whatever the query, it’s answered within a shop that has everything under one roof. And although the site is complicated by nature, the design is customer-centric. Something reflected almost immediately upon site launch with a 25% increase in sales and a 17% year-on-year growth in revenue.

Sitecore has improved our ability to successfully interact with multi-channel consumers around the world, providing them with a user-friendly and professional shopping experience. We are proud of the clarity and usability of our website, of the beautiful designs which have been created for us and of the additional income which we are generating for VisitBritain.

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