Transport for London.

Connecting the capital with an accessible ticketing portal for all.


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Transport for London is the government body responsible for the transport system in London. The average number of journeys made via public transport is approximately 30 million per day with around 7.5 million travelling as visitors from outside London.

Keeping London moving.

2014 saw London emerge as the world’s most popular tourist destination. The last thing people want to do whilst visiting is worry about getting around London’s multitude of transport options. So visitors are encouraged to buy their travel tickets in advance via the Transport for London visitor shop.

To properly service this growing user base requires a platform where travellers can access these tickets with ease, from anywhere. One that puts travel planning and booking at the hands of each passenger. Approached by the UK Tourist Board, we designed and built a new site to service London’s day-to-day public transport needs. Our goal was to make it easy for visitors to travel in London.

A capital city in two products.

Building alongside our suite of VisitBritain shops, the new Sitecore Transport for London website connects the user to various transport options: tube, overground or bus, for example. Then makes them available to buy using InsiteCommerce. Users can order these tickets - Travelcards or Oyster Cards - and get them delivered anywhere in the world through the shop.

Visitors landing on this site had likely already decided on their destination, meaning the new visitor shop needed to promote information rather than products or attractions. So user journeys are short and sweet. The site is speedy so that tickets can be purchased within minutes. If the user is ever confused, help can be found on every page so that purchasing travel tickets is always done with minimal browsing and clicking.

Simple website, big impact.

The new Transport for London visitor shop is as simple as e-commerce websites come. A handful of products with a purchase and delivery model is all that the site needs. But it’s this simplicity and ease-of-use that visitors want when booking travel tickets to accompany visits.

It caters for all kinds of trips from leisure to business; anyone that wants to use the various public transport services to get around London. Since going live, it attracts approximately 500,000 people on a monthly basis. The summer of 2015 saw an increase in users as high as double of what the previous website received in the summer of 2014. A site that now plays an important role within transport in London and the UK.

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