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Introducing a web presence to reinvent the way The Royal Mint operates across multiple devices.


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The Royal Mint is the world’s leading expert on coin-making. They’re responsible for producing all the coins and medals for the UK, and also make coins for approximately sixty other countries, making a total of ninety million coins each week.

Reinventing The Royal Mint.

With an 1100-year heritage, The Royal Mint’s reputation has become second-to-none thanks to the craftsmanship and artistry that goes into everything they make. Operating around the clock, their mint uses state-of-the-art technology to make up to ninety million coins every week.

Their website is the main shop window for these coins. After a growth in website traffic, The Royal Mint wanted a new site that could better cope with this increased traffic. One that would also provide a better buying experience for those visitors.

Driving an increase in transactions.

Previously, the site comprised an in-house bespoke CMS that wasn’t suitable for such an increase in transactions. We chose Sitecore for the new site because of its track record of delivering e-commerce sites for large brands. Integrating Sitecore thereafter with Insite meant The Royal Mint received the e-commerce features needed to grow.

This combination ensured that the site could offer dynamic, personalised content. Additionally, recommending similar products based on items that customers had viewed or purchased before. We first started working with The Royal Mint in 2012. They were preparing for two large national events – the Queen’s Jubilee and the London Olympics – that could dramatically increase sales. To ensure the site could cope with the massive shift in activity over these periods, we supplemented regular hosting with extra ‘on-demand’ cloud servers.

Up close and personal.

Our design needed to evolve their existing brand guidelines into a clean, contemporary site. But one that still reflected the tradition of The Royal Mint. Wanting to showcase the products to their full potential, we built interactive elements for viewing the coins. This helped customers get the closest experience possible to looking at the physical coin itself. This includes 3D views of coins from all angles, and the ability to magnify product images to inspect the finer details.

One of the most important aspects of the new site was improving the whole buying process. From finding and choosing products through to checkout. Our UX team spent increased time devising this process. Visitors could then easily move through buying and paying - increasing conversions and reducing abandoned baskets. We also included useful shopping features such as the option to select several products to compare side-by-side.

Expanding into mobile.

More recently, The Royal Mint identified that it needed to go one step further and optimise its site for a brand new mobile and tablet audience. We enhanced the site further by optimising for all devices by retrofitting the website with a responsive web design.

We had to refactor the backend code - restructuring the existing code without changing its external behaviour. The general purpose was to increase the code’s readability, reduce the complexity and improve the architecture of the website.

An award-winning buying experience.

In a single day during the Olympics, The Royal Mint site received 29,000 unique visitors and performed 3,600 transactions. These were big records for them in both traffic and sales. Our e-commerce website and its hosting infrastructure coped well with this increase. Now delivering a new kind of user experience across devices. This was a site awarded a Sitecore Site of the Year Award in 2012 for its transformed buying experience.

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