The Muppets.

Helping Disney get The Muppets back together and reintroduce them to the world.



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The Muppets were created by Disney in 1955 as a comedy show featuring an ensemble cast of puppets. Their characters and sketches are popular around the world attracting millions of followers to the Disney family.

Let’s reform the band...

When The Muppets reunited for their first major movie outing in twelve years, Disney came to us to create a site to promote the UK release. The Muppets are the epitome of cheeky fun. So we needed to capture their classic humour whilst bringing them back up to date. But our site had to be different from the US offering, with features and designs tailored to a British audience.

"It's time to meet the muppets."

After being away for a while, it was time to make everyone fall in love with the Muppets again. Taking each character one by one, we reacquainted them with the older audience but also introduced them to new fans. Each Muppet got their own page and their own signature move. Miss Piggy ends up centre stage, while Gonzo shoots out of a cannon nearly crashing off the screen.

The Muppets theatre has gotten a little run down, and they need to put on a show to save it. Taking the stage as a backdrop, we added effects to show the wear and tear, cobwebs included. For each page, images were used as the background, then laid a layer of content boxes on top for the foreground. This allows the site to be refreshed and reused for future content. More than anything, we wanted the website to have a fun and friendly user experience for Muppets fans young and old.

Selling across the site.

Along with supporting the movie release, the site needed to promote their merchandise and DVD sales. Our modular content structure allows for items to be cross-promoted on all the pages. Gonzo runs the online shop - even if we question his suitability to retail…

Introducing The Muppets show site.

Different sized Muppets like different sized websites – just like users do – so we made the site adaptive, with views optimised for mobile and tablet through to an immersive desktop experience. The Muppets travelled all over the world in the movie, and our site does the same. Made for fourteen countries across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, each in their native language, and dealing with the quirks which that sort of complexity brought with it.

We set out to create a site that truly encapsulates The Muppets, and appealed to fans old and new. Disney loved the finished product, which was “the most sensational, inspirational, celebrational, Muppetational” website we could have made. The Muppets are now officially back.





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