Natural World Safaris.

Extraordinary journeys beginning with an extraordinary site experience.


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Natural World Safaris are a specialist tour operator. They deliver tailor-made safari holidays and trips in destinations from America to Asia with a focus on the wildlife.

An online safari experience.

Natural World Safaris are able to bring their customers closer to wildlife with tours that extend the globe. What they really provide, though, are experiences that are sometimes out of this world. But their previous website didn’t convey this. It didn’t meet the needs of the connected explorer who craves adventure.

We were tasked with leveraging the current Sitecore platform and take their site to the next level. Despite the obvious physical and geographical restrictions, we were setting those site visitors out on a journey of discovery. One with nature at the heart.

The beginning of an adventure.

Our vision was to start the safari experience on the website, which would require getting to the core of Natural World Safaris’ offering. In most instances, this is the opportunity to see rare animals from exotic locations that most people never get to experience. So, stunning imagery and striking content was integral to communicating their existence to site visitors. The focus was very much visual.

By doing this we were opening our visitors up to the various safari packages available. Priming them to browse through destinations, wildlife, and other features geared around inspiring that safari tour. Always allowing the visitor to browse deeper into the site and building trust with the Natural World Safaris brand in the process. Setting things up for the next stage of the site journey.

Personalising itineraries.

From a strategic perspective, we had to re-build how Natural World Safaris presented their itineraries. Based on safari holiday preferences, a user can browse pre-determined sample itineraries on the site. These are itineraries presented on a day by day navigational basis, with slick load animations and copy tone written in a way representative of a real itinerary. Above all, it immerses the user within the safari holiday. Allowing them to shape their own bespoke itineraries later on.

Each web page is designed so content can be explored in various ways. Avoiding static pages wherever possible, encouraging users to edit and add itineraries. Vital safari statistics, weather reports as well as date suggestions also contribute to the experience. Making everything as real as we possibly can. This is an aspect of the user journey vital to site conversions - to prompt a call to one of Natural World Safaris’ expert staff to explore their preferred itineraries in more detail.

A gateway to the natural world.

Buying a holiday has become more than a purchase – it’s become an experience in itself. Beginning at the first online interaction. The new went live in early 2016 and we’re already seeing significant contributions to their business objectives.

A 77% increase in sessions combined with an increase in pageviews by 89% is a clear sign that visitors are more engaged with the new interactive content. People want to discover more about wildlife and safaris. Which will inevitably lead to more enquiries and tours.



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