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Mark Warner has grown into one of the most highly regarded independent tour operators in the UK. Each year, 50,000 travellers use the company to access a mix of ski and beach resorts around the world. The company has recently gained numerous accolades at the British Travel Awards.

Setting out to the top.

We were approached by Mark Warner Holidays to oversee their paid search activities. The focus was on adult and family ski and sun holidays within their respective seasonal periods. Our goal was to increase traffic volume and then increase the conversion of this traffic, starting out by achieving first position for all brand related searches on Google. Additionally, we were targeting the top three spots for non-branded keywords.

Maximising return from generic and brand terms.

Following Google best practices, along with the structure of Mark Warner’s website, our strategy was formed around ski holidays, summer resorts, summer holidays, water sports and land activities. We created campaigns that included brand-related keywords to ensure online brand protection. Not to mention the utmost visibility. But also using generic terms, such as ‘resorts’, ‘deals‘ and ‘activities‘ to produce high levels of traffic volumes.

We advertised before children’s school holidays - autumn half term, winter holidays, spring half term and Easter holidays to ensure we could fully capture our target market. Running special deals and promotions during those periods.

Display and remarketing.

We also conducted search and display remarketing campaigns during the peak season. Mainly to increase volume and conversions at a lower cost. Creating separate ad groups within the Google Display Network for image and text ads. We also experimented with several bidding strategies and custom audience combinations. Again, proving to be a huge success.


Good communication with the team at Mark Warner was vital in implementing competitive pricing strategies and promotions, and getting results. Google AdWords click-through rates increased by 200%, with the conversion rate increasing by 258% and the cost per acquisition decreasing by 65%. These results are for the period March-September 2016 vs October-April 2015.

Convincing the client to advertise on Bing for the first time, we set up a similar campaign making use of the extra search volumes. This proved to be highly successful alongside the main AdWords campaign, creating more traffic to the website and generating additional enquiries.

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