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Folly Farm Adventure Park & Zoo is a family attraction in Wales. It draws over 500,000 visitors each year to its zoo, funfair and adventure play areas, winning Wales Tourist Board’s “Best day out in Wales” award in 2015.

Understanding why and how users use a site.

Folly Farm’s website is completely content-driven with its design geared towards its target audiences. But it wasn’t always so streamlined. When Folly Farm came to Sequence we discovered a confusing site. Although good from a visual perspective, the experience wasn’t considered in many areas, including its interaction design. The overriding purpose of the site wasn’t clear.

Collaborating on design direction, we set out to create something that appeals to children, and to their parents and minders that was mobile-focussed. We were aligning the site with the business’ marketing goals.

Serving a diverse audience.

Serving the varied audiences correctly was a key element from the outset. From a UX content perspective, the focus was therefore to get across the breadth of Folly Farm’s offering. Yet, never overcomplicating pages and areas of the site. We visited Folly Farm in the early days of the project to get a real world familiarity of the park and zoo so it would transition over to the site. Getting the design and build completed within the set timescales then emerged the challenge.

Optimising imagery and SEO.

The new Umbraco site is visually rich. Colour, imagery and animation fill the pages but don’t slow down load times. All images are optimised so content is accessible on the move. Running as quickly as possible so users can access maps and directions, for example, within seconds. Primary content is clear at the front of the site with additional content available as you browse further.

Built with SEO specifically in mind, the design, layout and content requirements were thus set early on. Which was to also integrate with Folly Farm’s future content development plan and event calendar. So events, news, fact sheets and other structured content are produced and accessed with ease. The site is fully compatible with Google’s mobile-first algorithm update in January 2017.

A website for everyone.

The Folly Farm project was, in most cases, straightforward. The design is simple and is as modular as it can be for complete flexibility. But just by hitting the homepage a user can dive into a range of rich content related to Folly Farm. CTAs are always clear to divert users to specific areas without confusion.

Users can learn about the animals at the zoo, and can get closer to Penguins, Giraffes and Lions via live webcams during their feeding periods throughout the day. Users can also get a feel for the Follystone racetrack and play areas, as well as what’s going on at the Vintage fairground. All featured on a basic, yet fun website that never complicates the experience for a user base of all ages.

Sequence delivered on our wish list for a new website. The new site is clean and fresh and makes the most of the photography we have of our animals. The CMS is user-friendly and has been built in such a way that we are able to swap content around and keep the pages looking great and draw visitors through to important content. Sequence understood the challenges we faced from the offset and provided the solutions. It was a very smooth project.

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