Robust and flexible architecture to allow for future expansion onto new platforms.



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Dailymotion allows users to browse, upload and share video footage. Their site is the thirty-first most visited in the world with over 116 million monthly visitors. They have offices in New York, San Francisco, Tokyo and Paris.

Bringing Dailymotion to Window Phone users.

With 2.2 billion video views each month, Dailymotion is the second largest video player after YouTube. We were approached to design and build their Windows Phone app.

The new app needed to enable users to browse, search and play all videos. It was also essential that users could manage their Dailymotion accounts through the app. Teams at Dailymotion and Sequence established early on that a new Software Development Kit (SDK) needed to be produced, as one didn’t exist. It was a pre-requisite to creating an efficient app. Such approach would then benefit developers and applications in the future.

Collaborating in Paris.

Quality and flexibility were key considerations during planning. This called for a robust architecture allowing for potential future expansion to Windows Store and other platforms. Dailymotion created the initial wireframes, helping us get a firm idea of what was expected from the app. Also ensuring that we recognised their requirements from a technical perspective.

We then worked with Dailymotion in Paris to iterate on these wireframes, ensuring that the final product pushed the Windows 8 platform creatively as well as covering key functionalities. Additionally, making sure that the app adhered to all the Windows Phone 8 platform guidelines and took full advantage of its capabilities.

Developing tor the future.

We employed MvvmCross, a 3rd party cross-platform MVVM framework, to provide access for the view models to platform-specific functionality such as navigation, SQLite and the file system. Making use of the PCL core, primarily to allow for re-use across platforms.

There are many benefits to using a framework like MVVM, not least of all its ability to separate presentation layer and core business logic. Building on previously mentioned themes, we utilised this architecture to ensure that our core code and interactive elements could be reused across other platforms in the future.

Fast, efficient, portable.

The harmony between Dailymotion, Sequence and Microsoft is evident as soon as you download the app. Quick, easy to use and setting up a solid re-usable product will mean that this is only the beginning.

Fast, efficient and portable, the Dailymotion app is now a must-download. Together, we were only ever focused on quality, aiming to produce an industry leading application. The end result is an app that not only performs but marks a turning point in the often commented upon industry practice of creating independent apps for separate platforms.

Views per month

2.2 billion

Visits per month

116 million

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