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All Inclusive Outlet offer all-inclusive travel to the Caribbean, Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, and beyond. Part of Celebration Travel Group's collection of award-winning travel brands, has flourished into a trustworthy proposition that specialises in tailor-made travel plans.

More traffic, more enquiries, more holidays. was already receiving Google AdWords and other pay-per-click traffic. But they felt they weren’t getting the most out of their campaigns.

The travel industry is a competitive industry. Costs associated with marketing and advertising in this kind of landscape can reach extraordinary levels. But All Inclusive Outlet wanted to make sure they had a prominent position on search engines to increase the number of enquiries, sales and revenue from their website. The PPC strategy here had to be efficient, but also extensive.

Starting again.

Rebuilding the AdWords account was the first port of call. We took the All Inclusive Outlet brand, as well as its hot deals, destinations, resorts and vacations to form the Google AdWords campaign.

We were faced with 900 campaigns, 4,500 ad groups, 20,000 keywords and 16,000 text ads when we first accessed the account. Which is an impossible amount of data to monitor and to safeguard ROI. Refining and cutting down what we had, we settled on 335 campaigns, 1,300 ad groups, 3,800 keywords and 1,400 text ads. This granular breakdown and appropriate labelling allowed us to effectively optimise the account and ensure the budget was distributed between brand and non-brand term campaigns.

Introducing generics and finding a voice.

We then delved into the world of generic ‘resorts’, ‘hot deals‘ and ‘interests‘. With a strong focus on achieving a positive ROI, and to target returning visitors, we decided to implement Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSAs). Allowing us to compete in a more advantageous marketplace for a lower cost per click.

At this point, we were also discovering the right voice for All Inclusive Outlet’s offering, and subsequent ads. We experimented with a range of ad copy to gather insights into which tone responded best. The best performing ads were then used to target searchers looking for specific resorts and direct them to specific landing pages, where they were most likely to convert. This would be the case on Google and Bing.

Exceeding expectations.

By refining the brand search approach to resorts, interests, deals and destinations, we delivered’s best PPC results to date for the period January-September 2016 vs January-September 2015. Impressions increased by 351%, with sessions up 152% and the cost per acquisition down by 40%. We were happy with how the ads were performing.

Clicks had increased by 60% with conversions increasing by 71% - attracting an increased new user base of 177%. But the strategic work, working alongside the team at All Inclusive Outlet, on the conversion pages proved most significant. With the total revenue generated from Google AdWords and Bing Ads up 1,033%.

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