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Admiral is an insurance specialist with offices in Wales, India and Canada. Although car insurance is their main offering, they also offer services in the life, home and travel insurance markets and have experienced significant growth in the past few years.

A UX collaboration.

Admiral were ready to revamp their digital presence. Visitors weren’t using the website for its core purpose, so they called for a rebuild of the main pages to realign the site alongside its key business objectives in the car insurance industry.

The homepage and product pages were cluttered and didn’t focus on a specific action. Usability studies - such as heat mapping and user testing - confirmed that visitors were landing on the homepage and met with vast amounts of content. Content that wasn’t always needed; where, as a result, affected conversions. A website redesign with aligned objectives was required to enhance the user experience.

Enhancing an experience.

Redesigning was a process of cutting back on content and diverting attention to areas that drove business on the site. Our UX and creative teams collaborated with Admiral to form a solution that placed a single CTA at the heart of the website. Focusing on key sections, we envisioned clean landing pages with visitors guided to relevant sections without distraction. Other areas of the site was still accessible but presented in a way that didn’t hinder the experience.

Flexible front-end design.

The new look is clean, modern and optimised around a primary CTA. It never steers off the course Admiral set out when deciding their website KPIs. Should visitors wish to explore the website further they can also do so effortlessly. Encouraging users to interact with Admiral on the site, decreasing the large number of incoming calls associated with insurance.

What is now a host of contemporary landing pages for the visitor, is also accessible and user-friendly to edit. Admiral can manage their own campaigns and control content within components based on the interactions they want to produce. Flexibility to customise how and what they communicate to site visitors is of vast importance. It’s what a brand should expect from its website.

Mobile responsiveness.

To expand their customer base, Admiral would have to adapt this website for the mobile customer. We anticipated a mobile browsing experience that would again make accessibility a priority. Making complex features – such as the multi-car quote feature – operate seamlessly on any device. Hindering the new user experience and the emphasis on CTAs wasn’t going to hold back site performance for mobile. Our UX team worked to form an interface that could accommodate the necessary content, without sacrificing its depth.

The central CTA is clear to see with a click-to-call feature available for mobile users. Switch to the desktop version, and a bold navigation is ever-prevalent offering its most common services, diverting users to the newly optimised pages.

Built for the customer.

We were called upon for our UX strengths and creative direction for this project. Working hand-in-hand with the in-house team at Admiral to create a solution focused on a streamlined user journey towards a defined goal. Key pages are transformed into high-performing landing pages to clearly communicate Admiral's core offering. Enhancing the user experience with a primary CTA, and then optimising that for mobile devices, is an emphasis central to Admiral's digital growth. The company was recently voted Best Car Insurance Provider for two years running by The Personal Finance Awards.

A redesign that notably puts it ahead of other insurance companies in terms of accessibility and user friendliness. This is a high benchmark for other online financial services to look up to, but one that is entirely achievable if the customer experience is the focus.

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