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Driving bookings in style with the Addison Lee Windows Phone app.



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Addison Lee is London’s largest minicab firm. Founded in 1975, they carry over ten million passengers a year and courier more than 40,000 deliveries each month. They operate a fleet of 4,000 vehicles and achieve annual revenues of over £200m.

Expanding mobile offering.

Following recent success on their digital platforms, Addison Lee asked us to create a native app for Windows Phone to reach even more people with their growing mobile offering.

Their users needed to both make minicab bookings and track existing bookings from one simple interface. Windows Phone apps are concentrated around a panorama homescreen, giving an overview of the app by swiping through panels left and right. We needed to incorporate all key actions into this one screen.

Locate, search, book.

Addison Lee’s dynamic scheduling software is award-winning. It’s able to locate the closest appropriate cab to the customer. Our app seamlessly integrates with this system so users can make a booking, giving them full control over the journey at all times.

The Addison Lee app includes date and time, vehicle size needed, payment method and address (pick-up, via, and destination) options. To make it easy to choose this address, users can do so in three ways. Either using a quick search, by selecting an address from their contacts, or via GPRS. The app then shows an estimated journey time and cost. Keeping passengers fully informed about the proposed journey before they complete a booking.

Keeping on top of each journey.

Once a booking is made, journey details are available to view anytime on the app, with a status shown alongside. Such as if the driver is on the way or not. Users can also view an interactive map. This shows the start and end addresses, the probable route, and the actual position of the cab. Updating in real-time throughout all legs of the journey.

To make bookings accessible straight away, individual bookings get pinned to the Windows Phone start menu. The booking is then accessible with a single click rather than having to navigate to it from the app home screen. The tile itself also displays the booking details and the live map so they can be checked at a glance, which also updates as you go.

Hailing minicabs in style.

Following the success of the Windows Phone app with a 3.6/5 rating on the app store, Addison Lee asked us to create a new version for Windows 8, adapting our designs to the new OS. This new app still maintains the same features, but this time from a PC or tablet.

The full functionality of the app is available in the snap screen view as well as full screen, making it perfect for multi-tasking. Both apps now mean that users are able to easily book an Addison Lee minicab from anywhere, without the effort.

Customer reviews:

Great and straightforward app.

Did everything I needed it to. The pin to start and notifications were a really nice addition a lot of apps forget about!

One of the best apps, booked a number if taxis in London and everything has worked out perfectly.

App store rating.


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