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Founded in 1962, Abercrombie & Kent provide luxury travel experiences, with a network of offices in 26 countries and over 2,500 team members on all seven continents.

Taking you off the beaten track.

A&K has guided travellers for over 50 years. Taking clients to unique locations from the Incan citadel Machu Picchu in the Andes Mountains in Peru to the tropical islands filled with volcanoes and rainforests that form Indonesia.

Our task was to make these locations, and beyond, available to A&K UK clients via a website presenting more than just information. Sequence formed part of an experienced team of consultants, which included Inspiretec, to deal with the new site project. Sitecore was chosen to power the site because of the experiential nature of the platform and the contextual insights from Experience Database (xDB) that accompanies.

Collaborative design.

Kicking off the project with a number of discovery and UX workshops, then working side-by-side A&K’s global brand representatives, we set out on a structured design. The new Sitecore site is simple, visual and intuitive; users always know what to do without being told.

Users cannot ignore the stunning images pulled from the large image library. Immersing them within the multitude of destinations and itineraries from the homepage onwards. And however the user discovers these cultures, customs, and destinations – be it via the Trip Finder feature, for example – the images will always appear at the forefront. The site aims to impact and inspire in this way. Inviting the user to explore and discover via multiple content layouts.

Integrating online and offline.

Integrations with Salesforce and Office 365 allow for client relationship management and email marketing. Special offers also auto-expire on the site, and form some of the content modules that support the photography. Modules will automatically display on web pages and taxonomy-driven CTAs. Turning the site into a sales tool as well as a digital brochure.

Users can semi-personalise trips to get itinerary suggestions. Indicating hotels, experiences or extensions that they’re interested in to pass over to A&K travel consultants. The site’s main function is to aid the human conversations that take places once the user knows the type of trip desired. Browsing behaviours help to reveal this intent. The right mix of interactions, both offline and online, came together to form the site as it is today.


It became clear as the project progressed that A&K needed a separate site to promote their villas, as the main site targets A&K’s UK market, where the villas site is worldwide. Keeping in line with A&K’s brand guidelines, we created a site giving users a glimpse into some of the most luxurious villas and chalets across the globe. Sitting side-by-side the main site we were building for the UK audience.

Explore and discover.

As the site continues to gather more data, A&K will utilise more of Sitecore’s advanced features and functionality, particularity personalisation and automation. A later phase of the project is to change the booking engine on the new site. Quite a step from the previous site that didn’t have a CMS.

Architecturally, the site is future proof so this change and any other such change can be made efficiently. Putting the new site fully in the hands of the A&K teams to drive forward their offering, and communicate the sights Geoffrey Kent would have experienced fifty years ago in those early days of exploring that marked the beginning of this iconic travel brand.

We are delighted to have worked in partnership with Sequence and Sitecore to create two new digital platforms that put A&K at the forefront of the luxury travel market. Our new platforms will allow us to build more flexible, dynamic and customer-centric solutions aimed at improving the customer experience throughout their A&K journey.

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