There every step of the way to make the complex simple.

In today’s ever-evolving digital world, somebody needs to make the complex simple. Because to find success requires more than a website. It requires understanding audiences, making the most of emerging technologies and inspiring those who discover your web presence. Everything in this respect revolves around the customer. This is now a customer whose behaviours change regularly regardless of industry. And success is rarely achieved without a supporting partner to create order from what is sometimes chaos. We can support you through this, before, during and after your project.

Our dedicated client support teams are here to make sure you keep up with everything. Predicting future trends and guiding your digital presence through what is occasionally unknown times. With wider access to all our strategists, creatives and developers, we’re equipped to solve the most complex problems. But also keeping everything simple, never complicated.

Multi-channel support.

We make it easy for you to contact us. Whether for day-to-day support issues or long-term strategic project and business goals. You’ll be assigned an Account Manager who’ll work with you on a strategic level, identifying opportunities and moving your digital presence forward. You’ll also connect with a Sequence Account Executive who’ll provide ongoing support. To ensure the highest level of service we use a ticketing system to track and update all support requests. However, you can always contact us via email or telephone. We also value the importance of face-to-face meetings, where possible, as another way to offer ongoing support.

Flexible support packages.

We offer several support packages to provide the highest level of support based on your requirements. A key driver behind the creation of the support agreement is a set of clear packages, offering tailored services that meet unique requirements. Selecting your level of support gives you confidence in receiving timely response and resolution times. This is guaranteed by our Service Level Agreement (SLA) backed support process. We put you in control giving you full visibility of how we allocate support. Working together, we can address any questions, issues or requests efficiently.

Out-of-hours service.

It’s important that your website is always accessible and is built on a robust infrastructure for optimum performance. We offer round-the-clock monitoring and in the event of issues we’re alerted via email and SMS. Our network engineers are on call twenty-four hours a day, and are then able to respond quickly should your site need support. We also receive out-of-hours support from all our hosting and technical partners and providers. So we’re able to utilise their knowledge, experience and physical access to complement our own in-house team at any time.