An environment for your website to thrive on.

You wouldn’t build a house on a sandy beach. Treat your website the same. As any successful website starts with a reliable hosting platform. Providing the foundation, a high performing hosting solution is capable of dealing with the different challenges thrown at it. From the fluctuations of site visitors and usage to protection from unwanted traffic to the growth of your web offering as you add content and develop. Because a website is only ever 80% complete; it’s never really finished.

We provide cost-effective managed hosting solutions for speed, scalability and reliability to ensure the best possible user experience. We’re able to host your site in two ways – either on dedicated servers or in the cloud. With two key strategic hosting partners, Microsoft Azure and Rackspace, we can cover the full hosting spectrum. Which is why we host over 200 websites.

Hosting architecture.

There are many hosting offerings available. A tailored solution built from the ground up specifically for your website will make a difference with uptime and reliability. It should always be considered for larger websites. Resilience, speed, load-balancing, backups, security and fail-safe is explored and defined before any code is cut so you know your position. Our networks team work with our developers, business analysts and clients to build an architecture that fits a particular web solution and budget.


The reality is that a lot of applications in the workplace and home gets distributed in the cloud and grow complex over time. Document storages such as Dropbox and OneDrive, Office 365 and Word Online make use of the cloud. Favouring services-based architecture rather than software-based architecture. This is the pattern with technology in general. We’ve harvested the power of the cloud for hosting, and offer Azure and Rackspace cloud hosting as options. As members of the Azure inner circle and Rackspace partners, we‘re one of the agencies at the forefront of cloud hosting with many of our clients making use of cloud technology.

Hosting packages.

With the options, features and variants, it’s easy to get lost in the hosting terminology. We’ve removed all the jargon and anything else that gets in the way and have come up with a number of set hosting packages optimised for the sites we build and maintain. From small packages for starter sites onto our medium and then large packages which handling load-balanced solutions with SQL replication, we make a range of options available. And if the solution you need isn’t already covered, our team is on hand to produce a customised and optimised solution. One that’s right for you and your website needs.

Review and performance testing.

For clients that want to host themselves or use another provider, we can work alongside your existing infrastructure engineers and define the requirements and settings to run your applications on the architecture to the best of its ability. Performance testing meanwhile allows us to test the speed or effectiveness of a server and environment both on a day-to-day basis and under stress, with automated tools for simulating thousands of visitors hitting your site together. Armed with this information, we can tweak the server and environment to handle larger traffic loads or identify site issues. So your site can host visitors around the clock without interruption.