Sequence | Young Rewired State 2012
Stuart Catley
By Stuart Catley


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For the second year running, we took part in Young Rewired State, acting as helpers, mentors and office space for a group of young coders. This is a quick round-up of how they got on. 

We're passionate about innovation and creating new and cool ideas. Alongside this we love seeing our passion passed onto others. So here at Sequence we spent last week hosting the Welsh centre for “Young Rewired State 2012”.

The aim of Young Rewired state is to give young people (age 18 and under) the opportunity to get involved in coding/developing and to grow their skills. This culminates in a festival where these clever young people get to show off their creation and maybe win a prize in the process.

To help with this Sequence offered to become a YRS centre and give mentorship and space to a group of under 18's to work on their ideas, expand on them, and ultimately create something to be submitted to the Young Rewired State competition for 2012. Our fairly small team for the week consisted of 4 participants ranging from age 10 to 18.

In the current economy it's more important than ever to give young people a helping hand to realise their dreams"

This is the second year that Sequence has volunteered to be a part of YRS. We think that in the current economic climate it's more important now than ever to give young people guidance and a helping hand to turn their dreams into reality. Practical skills and learning from industry professionals is one way we here at Sequence want to help the next generation forge a career of their own.

Whilst our team weren't fortunate enough to be one of the finalists in the Festival of Code held at the Custard Factory in Birmingham, our team all really enjoyed the experience and are all planning on spending the year boosting their skills ready for next year's event.  The level of submissions was truly inspirational, all of the entries can be found on the Young Rewired State Hacks Database.

We're also looking at what we can do to help boost skill levels and interest ahead of Young Rewired State 2013, we're thinking CoderDojo's might be the way to go, watch this space...!