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Creative Mornings Summit

Creative Mornings Summit 2014


Last week I was lucky enough to head over to New York and take in the first ever Creative Mornings summit. It was two days packed with talks, workshops, conversations and even some dancing.


Mvvm cross

MvvmCross Skyrockets


“MvvmCross’s popularity has sky-rocketed as it’s matured with it having been used on some of the world’s biggest apps.  The amazing work contributed by Sequence and Nokia Mix Music has made it even stronger and I can’t wait to see the first MvvmCross based Universal Windows App hit the stores.” – Stuart Lodge, MvvmCross project owner

What Lies Beneath

What Lies Beneath? - Advanced Segments


Almost every website today has implemented tracking code to help businesses understand how its users are navigating and converting throughout a journey, whether it be to complete a goal such as a basket conversion or signing up to a newsletter.