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What is SharePoint?

SharePoint is Microsoft’s web app platform. It’s packed full of core features which means it has a ready-to-use set of functionality right out of the box, and it’s really extendible too, so we can make it work perfectly for you. We have great experience with using SharePoint, so we’re able to work with you to customise it’s features to suit all your business needs.

SharePoint Features

Enterprise Search

SharePoint comes with fantastic search capabilities. It is able to crawl and index huge amounts of data and return relevant results in super fast speeds of under a second, meaning the user can very quickly find the content they wanted. Results can also be refined to help with finding that one precise item you’re looking for.

Document Management

In SharePoint, documents are stored in a version-controlled environment. Every time a change is made, you can make a new version of the doc and use the workflow feature to send it off for digital approval and sign-off. You can easily keep track of your latest documents, and you can also assign metadata to them. All documents can be stored in centralised libraries, which allows them all to be centrally managed and backed up.

Content Management

Using the same technologies as it uses for document management, SharePoint also provides a powerful CMS for managing your web page content. Content can be versioned and approved in the same way, and displayed in any number of ways, from lists, to (unsurprisingly) pages on your website.

Sites and Workspaces

To help the quick and easy sharing of information, SharePoint comes complete with a variety of site templates that can be used straight away. These include team sites for collaboration, wiki sites for recording information, and publishing sites for content-managed websites. It really encourages working in a collaborative way, where users can share calendars, documents and discussions in accessible sites.


As it’s built on top of the Microsoft Workflow Foundation engine, SharePoint gives the user a rich set of tools to create powerful workflows. These can be used for approving documents and content, and for lots of other business processes like gathering user data. The engine allows custom components to be created so that you can make all manner of complex workflows to exactly match your needs.

Office Integration

SharePoint has been built to effortlessly integrate with Microsoft Office programs, meaning you can do a lot within familiar software rather than having to specifically go to the site on a browser to complete tasks. This could be approving a document from Outlook, or using Visio to design your workflow and then importing this in.

External Data Surfacing

SharePoint allows external data to be brought through from lots of different sources into a central place. This means that data from SQL tables, Access databases and more can be grouped using tools like PowerPivot and reported on together, and it’s achievable from right within the application with no need to write even a single line of custom code. It’s also possible to integrate SQL Server Reporting Services to give your users a full reporting suite for business performance data.

Security Management

There are lots of security options for using with SharePoint. It can integrate with your existing Active Directory so that user profile information can be pulled through and user security can be centrally controlled. It’s not tied to Active Directory though, so you can use lots of other security providers and models if you’d prefer. 

If our SharePoint services sound like the perfect platform for your business, please get in touch so that we can discuss your requirements

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