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Destination marketing and the evolving digital tourism landscape

The Evolving Digital Tourism Landscape

The way in which tourism authorities and destination organisations market themselves to their customers has gone through a period of reinvention over the past few years. Moving on from the likes of price-comparison websites and PPC remarketing, it has become something much more significant within digital

Five Days at Cannes Lions Festival 2015

Five Days at Cannes Lions

Having built the Cannes Lions Festival Windows app, we were invited to Cannes to attend the prestigious creative event. We'll give you an insight to what it was like at the festival, along with the 5 main takeaways from the week. 

Recommended books chosen by Sequence Agency staff that will change the way you think

5 Books That Will Change The Way You Think

In the creative industry, we sometimes turn to books to help stimulate the mind. To help change the way we think about things. Here's a list of recommended books by Sequence members that will inspire your thought process.